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hide Guitar
Birthday: December 13, 1964
Hometown: Yokosuka-shi Midorigaoka, Kanagawa prefecture
1964-1998 Already considered a legend, the rock guitarist hide is the ambassador for Japanese rock.
In 1989 he has his major debut as a guitarist for the band "X" (later renamed X JAPAN). The major debut album "BLUE BLOOD" quickly sold over 1 million copies. Rising to the top as a rock band, they left countless legends behind them.
After the break up of X JAPAN, he energetically kick started his solo career. Always the pioneer, he continued to run in the forefront of the Japanese music scene, but in 1998 suddenly left this world due to an accident.
In 2000, answering the demand of his fans, the hide MUSEUM was opened in Yokosuka. This was a first for a Japaneses rock artist.
Due to leasing and other issues, the museum closed its doors on September 25th 2005.

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